Man complains to police on Twitter after BJP activists paint graffiti on wall

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BENGALURU: Ahead of the state Assembly polls, activists of political parties have started campaigning in different ways. But a resident of Padmanabha Nagar in the city has complained  that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activists created problems by painting graffiti on the compound walls of his house.

Earlier, MP Tejasvi Surya painting a stencil on the walls in Suryanagar had caused a huge controversy. Following this, there was huge talk about whether political parties can use government properties for their propaganda and some citizens had even filed complaints about it with the BBMP commissioner.

Now, the graffiti by BJP activists has sparked a controversy in Revenue Minister R Ashoka’s Padmanabha Nagar constituency after the property raised objection and tweeted about it to the Bengaluru police.

Arun Virupaksha shared in a Twitter about BJP activists create problems by painting graffiti on house walls.

Arun Virupaksha, a resident of Kumaraswamy Layout Phase 1 claimed that he had to repaint his compound wall with his own money after BJP activists painted graffiti on it. He expressed his outrage on Twitter and questioned whether it was a right to paint graffiti on someone else’s property without seeking their permission. The tweet went viral and even netizens expressed outrage over it.

The Bengaluru police contacted Arun and he submitted a necessary document

The Bengaluru police contacted Arun on Twitter and he submitted the necessary document. The police department has informed those concerned that necessary action will be taken against them.

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