Mallikarjun Kharge: As per Modi, Congress did nothing, whether Modi started BHEL, BEL

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KOLAR: Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday took a jibe at Bharatiya Janata Party and said that according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress has done nothing in the state, whether Modi started BHEL and BEL?
Mallikarjun Kharge participated in the “Jai Bharat” Rally in Karnataka and said, “Modi ji said ‘Congress has done nothing’, whether Modi started BHEL and BEL? There were no buses, no electricity here. Electricity first came to Kolar. It is our government that brought electricity to Kolar.”
“We should ask what is the contribution of your double-engine government to Karnataka. He should be made answerable for that,” he added.
Highlighting the speciality of the Kolar district, Kharge said, “Kolar district is the land of gold. All three gold mines Kolar, Tumkur, and Raichur belonging to India are in Karnataka. They supply gold for the entire country.”
“There is another special thing that needs to be mentioned regarding Kolar. As Kolar was-drought-hit area, when our government came to power, our government and the public representatives of this area unitedly worked to ensure water supply to this area. As a result, today hundreds of lakes are filled with water, facilitating irrigation to thousands and lakhs of acre lands,” added Kharge.
Congress President mentioned the initiatives taken by M Krishnappa for animal husbandry. He said that Kolar is known for gold, milk, silk and water.

“Dairy farming started here because of the initiatives taken by M Krishnappa, an ex-Revenue Minister of Karnataka and Union Minister for Animal husbandry. Later Seri culture industry also started here during this time. Now this land is known for gold, milk, silk, and water and we have started our campaign in this land and we are sure that Congress will certainly win this election,” he said.
Lashing out at the BJP government, Kharge said that people are fed up with the Modi government and have decided to elect Congress.

“People are fed up with the Modi government. They are enraged and have decided to elect Congress and they are coming voluntarily to support us. Who will tolerate this 40% Sarkara? Modi ji will not utter a word about this instead he repeatedly targets the work of Congress and asks, `What Congress has done in 70 years’? He has spent nine years asking the same question,” said Kharge.
Highlighting the term of Jawahar Lal Nehru in the country, Kharge said, “During the term of Pandit Nehru ji and K C Reddy, the public sector came to Karnataka. What is the contribution of your government?”
“Modi ji promised to provide two crores of jobs in a year. As he assured, in nine years he should have provided a total of 18 crore jobs. Where are the jobs? His government has closed public sector industries and sold that to Adani. He created uncertainty for the youth. But he has the gall to say, what Congress has not achieved in 70 years has been achieved by the Modi government in nine years!” added Kharge.
He said, “BJP MPs started obstructing me when I started to speak in Parliament. But Modi ji did not try to stop them once because he was behind it.”
“Rahul Gandhi asked a few questions. He said a businessman had 50,000 crores in 2014, it became 2 lakh crores in 2020, and suddenly it increases to 12 lakh crores in 2023, how it happened? Rahul ji asked Modiji when, where, and why he met Adani. It is asked in the public interest,” added Kharge.
Talking about the disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as an MP, Kharge said, “A case has been filed against Rahul Gandhi for asking this question. He spoke in Kolar but the FIR has been filed in Gujarat. Within 22 days a judgment came against him and he has been disqualified.”
“Within 24 hours, a notice was issued to him to vacate his house. Electricity and water supply have been blocked to his house. Is this the Democracy we cherish? We need to save Democracy,” he added.
Kharge said, “We need to save the Democracy of India provided by Ambedkar ji, Nehru ji, Patel ji and Mahatma Gandhiji. For that, we need to work under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Democracy won’t survive if no one speaks against injustice. Only Congress can do it.”

“Who becomes the Chief Minister is irrelevant. I want Congress government here. We need to implement the project like distribution of milk and nutritious food to children which was started by Indira Gandhi. CM shall be chosen according to the verdict of the people. We need to join hands for this. Give 150 to 160 seats to us. It is not an impossible task,” added Kharge.

Hitting out at the BJP government, Khrage said, “It is a corrupt government. We do not need to say this. Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Jagadish Shettar says `I have never seen corrupt BJP leaders like this’. He only says it. Jammu and Kashmir Former Governor Satyapal Malik says “Modi ji actually has no problem with corruption”. People are not listening to your (Modi ji’s) lies anymore.”

“Double-engine government has not introduced any developmental program in our state. You attached an additional engine and showed a green flag to a train that was started during our government. But you claimed that it was started by your government. You have not started a new program, just polished, and painted the old engine and showed a green flag to it,” he added.
Further asking for support from the people for Karnataka Assemble Elections, Kharge said, “The people of Karnataka shall give a befitting answer to the Bommai government and remove it. Bengaluru has a special place in the country. But Bengaluru has not seen any growth during the term of BJP. Bengaluru saw development because of the Congress government, it developed during our period. It is time to support Congress.”
Karnataka is slated to go to Assembly polls on May 10 and the counting of votes will take place on May 13. (ANI)

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