KSRTC conductor charges woman, granddaughter Rs 444 for carrying love birds on bus

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: A woman paid a bus fare of Rs 444 for her granddaughter’s love birds, which she brought along with them in a cage to travel on the bus.

The incident took place at the Satellite bus stand on Wednesday morning. According to the transport department, travellers need to pay a fare for the animals they carry with them on the bus.

The woman and her granddaughter were taking the love birds from Bengaluru to Mysore on free bus tickets under the ‘Shakti Yojana’. But the KSRTC conductor charged them for carrying the love birds.

The KSRTC conductor has given free tickets to the woman passenger and her granddaughter, but charged them for carrying the love birds. The conductor charged a ticket considering the birds as four children. A total of Rs 444, i.e Rs 111 each, was charged for the four birds.

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