Liquor bottles strewn near men’s PG hostel on Jnana Bharati campus

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BENGALURU: Hundreds of empty liquor bottles were found piled up near the post-graduation men’s hostel on the Jnana Bharati campus of Bangalore University. However, it was not clear whether they were dumped by the students or by outsiders who use the campus roads regularly.

Piles of empty beer bottles were found near the P-G men’s hostel of Bangalore University.

The university men’s hostel is strewn with empty beer bottles, cigaratte packets and other waste. Liquor bottles can bee seen piled up on the hostel windows too.

Empty liquor bottles are lined up on hostel window sills but the authorities don’t seem to be bothered.

The university officials and wardens of the hostel do not seem to be bothered with the happenings in the hostels. Some of the students felt that if the wardens visited the hostels frequently and conducted checks, such activities can be curtailed.

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