Leopard gets trapped in barbed wire fencing in Hassan village, rescued

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A leopard had got trapped in a barbed wire fence of an estate.

HASSAN: A leopard got trapped in the barbed wire fence of an estate at Sanehalli in Alur taluk. The Forest Department officials tranquilised the animal and later shifted it elsewhere.

Over the last few months, leopards and wild pigs have been spotted around the village and the residents had prevailed upon the Forest Department to take steps to prevent any attacks. However, nothing was done. Fed up of the inaction, the villagers had put up barbed wire fences and snares to trap the animals.

The animal was tranquilised and shifted to a forest.

In another incident, a leopard was spotted on a farm land in Kattaya village in Hassan taluk. It was captured on video by a person travelling in a car. The leopard has been sighted on a few occasions over the last few days and it is believed that it has entered human habitation in search of food.

Another leopard was sighted on a farm land in Kattaya village.

The sighting has caused anxiety among farmers heading to their fields along with their cattle. The villagers have demanded that the Forest Department take immediate action to relocate the leopard.

The tusker ambled through the village.

Meanwhile, the lone tusker, Bhima, entered Prabhu Nagar in Kakanamane village on Saturday morning, causing panic among the residents. A man, who was heading home on his motorcycle, abandoned it and ran to safety when he came face to face with the elephant. A video of the elephant ambling through the village is now doing the rounds on social media.

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