Leopard attacks three calves in one night near Dharwad dairy farm

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The dairy farm of a charitable trust where a leopard killed three calves.

DHARWAD: A leopard which is on the prowl on the outskirts of the city, has attacked four calves, over the last 10 days, three of them on a single day on Friday night at a dairy farm belonging to Sharada Charitable Trust at Mansur village near the Karnatak University, Dharwad.

The leopard was first spotted on March 20 behind the university at later at Mansur village. With the attack on calves, the loca residents have vented their anger at the Forest Department for not acting when the leopard was initially spotted.

After it was last spotted in Mansur on March 23, the Forest Department has installed a cage to trap the animal, but without success. It has also been spotted near Managundi and Yerikoppa. The Forest Department has now sought the assistance of the locals to trap the elusive animal.

Rajeev, who is associated with the charitable trust.

Rajeev, who is associated with the trust, said, “The leopard killed three calves. When the dogs started barking, the watchman chased them away. The leopard menace has been haunting us for the last 15 days. We had taken precautions, but the leopard managed to enter and attack the calves. We have informed the Forest Department officials and they should take immediate action”.

Divisional Forest Officer Vivek Kavari said they will place more cages to trap the animal.

Divisional Forest Officer Vivek Kavari said, “We will place 2-3 cages around the area and try to trap the leopard. People should also cooperate and not venture out alone between 6 pm and 6 am and not attend nature’s call in the open. We will start night patrolling and install more cages.

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