Leaked audio on police transfers mentions CM, Home minister’s offices

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HASSAN: Close on the heels of the arrest of wheeler-dealer ‘Santro’ Ravi, who was allegedly involved in police transfers, an audio clip, allegedly of the general secretary of a Christian body speaking about police transfers has surfaced here. In the audio clip, mention of the Chief Minister’s Office, the Home department and Hassan MLA Preetham Gowda are also heard. However, when the conversation took place is not yet known.

In the audio, District United Christian Federation general secretary Francis Xavier can be heard talking about the transfers of four police inspectors in Hassan district after money changed hands. “They have paid up to Rs 25 lakh to get these postings”, he is heard saying. However, the person at the other end of the phone line was not identified.

Only recently, Rekhabai was posted as Channarayapatna Rural police inspector, Bhanu at Shantigrama, Arockiappa at Hassan Rural police station and Girish at Sakleshpur.

Francis Xavier, who is said to be the alleged speaker in the conversation, can be heard saying, “Yesterday, Rekhabai had called me and was inquiring if I had got Arockiappa’s transfer done too. I have established a link in the CM’s office to get small works done and recently, I helped out a lecturer. I get a cut of about Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. I’m only dealing in small stuff and I haven’t delved into any big deals”.

Francis Xavier, a functionary of a Christian body, who is allegedly involved in the audio conversation.

Further, he says, “Madam had called yesterday and wanted me get her transferred. I told her to tell me if there are any vacant posts, but she said she too didn’t know and added that she will tell me in two days’ time. I told her that if there is any vacant posting, I’ll try to get her transfer done. It was Rekhabai madam who gave a fight to Bhanu madam to get posted in Sakleshpur, but Girish got himself posted there through Norway Somashekar after paying Rs 25 lakh. Bhanu madam had paid Rs 20 lakh. At first, I struck the deal for Rs 12 lakh and later agreed to just Rs 7 lakh and she had even given Rs 2 lakh advance. For a month, I gave a tough fight to get the transfer done.”

Narrating about an incident, Francis Xavier can be heard saying, “Myself, Rekhabai and Bhanu madam were sitting in the same chamber, but Bhanu madam didn’t know it was me who had moved Rekhabai madam’s case. Bhanu madam asked Rekhabai about she also trying for the transfer, but Rekhabai denied it. Bhanu madam told Rekhabai that she had paid 20 and now that she too had entered the fray, but Girish, a Lingayat, has come from Bengaluru”.

He goes on to talk about the conversation between Rekhabai and Bhanu in the chamber, while stating that Preetham will help out, and then adds, “I have great love for Kallesh in the Home Minister’s office who is a close relative of Bommai. I’ve got him to make numerous phone calls”, he can be heard saying.

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