Leaders of Muslim bodies praise Modi for minority welfare initiatives

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CHANDIGARH: Leaders of various Muslim organisations praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government for taking several steps for the welfare of minorities including the abolishment of triple talaq.

At the “All India Minority Conclave – Role of Minorities in Amrit Kaal” event organized by the NID Foundation, Ahsan Ghouri, Director External Affairs, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said, “PM Modi has taken many steps for the country and especially for the minorities and it should be appreciated. Good things should be appreciated and we appreciate them.”

Tariq Ahmad, President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association India said that abolishment of triple talaq is a step towards women’s empowerment.

“Islam also does not accept the practice of triple talaq. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community does not entertain this from the beginning. So this step of PM Modi’s government is a good step. This is a good step towards women’s empowerment. A very good step has been taken to give status to the women who used to be deprived. We respect this initiative,” said Ahmad.

Dr Faiyaz Ahmad Fyzie, who is an author, columnist, media panelist and Pasmanda social activist, said Narendra Modi is the first secular Prime Minister of India.

“He talked about justice in the Muslim society, the Pasmanda issue, about our suffering, he talked about our uplift considering as citizens of the country and not as Muslims. So I understand that ever since the process of making a new India is going on, I definitely understand that till now he is the first Prime Minister who has talked about our sorrow and pain,” said Fyzie.

Mansoor Khan, National President, Sufi Islamic Board, “World recognises PM Modi as a great leader. He is a global leader today. It is our good fortune that we have got such a great leader who has made our country a world leader.”

Maulana Kaukab Mujtaba, National President, Ulama Foundation Chairman Jamia Alia Jafria said PM Modi has taken decisions which were not taken since 1947.

“Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ji has taken those decisions not only for Muslims but for Indians which no one else has taken in 70-75 years since 1947. The thing which were once looked upon with hopelessness in India, but today he has raised India’s head in front of the whole world by working with success at every turn.

By ending the issue of triple talaq, it has been proved that PM Modi ji cares a lot not only for Muslims but also for women so no woman should face any problem,” he said.

Sufi Md. Kausar Siddiqui, National President, Sufi Khanqah Association, “India is a democratic country in which there is a rule of democracy and the constitution was being violated for the last many years, women were being harassed, especially Muslim women.

The decision taken by Modi ji in the interest of Muslim women was definitely not only welcome but also commendable and was a good step taken from the point of view of providing justice.”

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