Lawyer, woman fight on the street over construction of house in Kushalnagar

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MANDYA: A woman and a lawyer fought on the street over construction of a house at Patel Layout in Kushalnagar taluk on Saturday. The woman was assaulted by the lawyer and has been admitted to a hospital after sustaining serious injuries. The incident occurred four days, but came to light only now.

It is said that the woman picked an argument with the lawyer over leaving setback space while constructing the house. The argument soon turned into a serious fight. The entire incident was captured on CCTV camera and on mobile phones.

Accused Lawyer Santosh Kumar hit Sumitra with what looked like a cricket bat. 

It is said that that a war of words had been going on between the two for many days. Four days ago, Sumitra slapped the lawyer, Santosh Kumar, for using abusive words at her. Angered by this, Santosh and his family members assaulted Sumitra, and dragged on the street by her hair while Santosh Kumar hit her with a wooden object which looked like a cricket bat.

After the incident, Sumitra lodged a complaint against Santosh Kumar at the Kushalnagar police station.

Sumitra alleged, “My site is close to the lawyer’s house. He used to harass me every time over the property issue. He does not allow me to go to my site and always keeps saying that I should cooperate with him. He threatened me that if I spoke about it to anyone, he would kill me and my family. He has always exhibited indecent behaviour and keeps forcing to stop the construction work. He sexually harassed me, assaulted me, tore my dress and scratched me”.

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