Kumaraswamy exudes confidence in BJP-JDS alliance securing all 28 seats in Karnataka

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SHIVAMOGGA: Former Karnataka Chief Minister and JDS Candidate from Mandya Lok Sabha Constituency, HD Kumaraswamy on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the Congress party over its claims against the BJP’s electoral prospects, asserting that voters were inclined towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking to ANI, Kumaraswamy criticised Congress for its predictions about BJP’s performance and expressed confidence in the BJP-JDS alliance winning all 28 seats in Karnataka.

JD(S) formally joined the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance on September 22, 2023.

Referring to Congress’s assertions that BJP would not secure more than 150 seats, Kumaraswamy questioned the credibility of such claims and emphasised the voters’ preference for Prime Minister Modi.

“Congress is saying that BJP won’t even cross 150 seats. Then who will come? Congress will come? How many seats have they contested? Everybody feels wherever we go in this country. Everyone prefers the Honourable Prime Minister. They (Congress) are not the astrologers. They are not the voters, voters are in a different mood. They have already decided to bless Narendra Modi ji,” Kumaraswamy asserted while speaking to ANI.

Kumaraswamy also expressed his confidence in the BJP-JDS alliance securing all 28 seats in Karnataka.

“According to me, in all the 28 seats, people are going to bless our candidates. We are going to win this election comfortably,” he said.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while addressing an election rally in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur said on Monday that the BJP won’t even secure 150 seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

“PM Modi has now stopped saying Abki Baar 400 Paar’ because he knows that he won’t even win 150 seats in the upcoming elections. He wants to change the constitution but leave aside Narendra Modi, there is no such power in the entire world that can change the constitution,” he said.

The JD(S) supremo also questioned Karnataka’s governance under the Congress.

He highlighted the lack of development under the Congress government in Karnataka since 2023 and criticized its failure to address law and order issues, citing incidents of unrest and lack of protection for citizens.

“What is the contribution of this Congress for the development of the state? There is no development, only they announce that 5 guarantee program… People already know these are all not going to help further in the longer time… they have decided to throw Congress from out of power,” Kumaraswamy asserted.

“After Congress coming to power every day in the street, several bad incidents are going on… We can give thousands of examples of how this government failed to protect the interest of the common man,” he added. (ANI)

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