KSRTC passes on toll cost on expressway to passengers, hikes fares by Rs 15-20

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BENGALURU: With the Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway being formally opened to users, the toll charges will not only affect private vehicle users but also those who travel by KSRTC buses, as the fares have been increased to include the toll charges.

The KSRTC has increased its fares after toll collection on the expressway between Bengaluru and Mysuru started on Tuesday. The KSRTC buses have to pay toll for using the expressway and fares have been revised to account for it. The current toll for a KSRTC bus on the expressway for a single journey is Rs 460 and Rs 680 for a return trip on the same day. Hence, the corporation has decided to increase the ticket fares on this route.

The current toll rate for a KSRTC bus on the expressway for a single trip is Rs 460 and for a return journey within a day is Rs 680.

The KSRTC fare has been increased by Rs 20 for Volvo buses, Rs 18 for Rajahamsa buses and Rs 15 for Karnataka Sarige. The new fare came into effect from Wednesday and KSRTC said that this will be applicable only for buses plying on the expressway.

Each bus accommodates 35-40 passengers. Accordingly, the fare for the Karanataka Sarige bus has been raised from Rs 150 to Rs 165, in Rajahamsa buses from Rs 200 to 218 and in Volvo buses, from Rs 300 to Rs 320 per person.

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