KSDL sees record high detergent sales of Rs 123.42 crore in December

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BENGALURU: State-owned Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd (KSDL), maker of the famed Mysore Sandal soap, has sold detergents worth Rs 123.42 crore in December 2023 to record the highest transactions for the past 40 years.

In a press statement, Large and Medium Industries Minister M B Patil stated that KSDL had manufactured and supplied a record 852 tons of detergents to the market in December 2023. Before this, 775 tons of detergents manufactured during September 2023 stood as the highest output.

In a bid to expand the market for its products, KSDL has taken several measures including introducing three shifts on work from the earlier single shift. Besides, the number of machines deployed for making detergents has been increased to three in place of one machine that was previously used to operate. These steps have been taken to make KSDL competitive with private players.

Earlier, the primary focus was on the marketing of soaps. But, a few months ago, it was decided to concentrate on expanding the market presence for detergents also and this has yielded an inspiring result, the minister explained. He has also emphasised that the marketing for KSDL products will be expanded all across the country.

Production in the soaps, detergents and cosmetics division also has surpassed the levels that it achieved in the previous year. The entity posted a profit of Rs 118 during the previous year. So far, it has seen transactions worth Rs 1,171.07 crore in the nine months of the current fiscal. Minister Patil has expressed confidence that KSDL will reach the target of Rs 1,404 crore set for the year 2023-24. (ANI)

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