Kolkata’s Edabba opens 4 cloud kitchens in Bengaluru in tie-up with Nucleus Kitchens

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In collaboration with Nucleus Kitchens, Kolkata's E-Dabba opens 4 cloud kitchens in Bangalore

BENGALURU: While making business expansion and operation easy for cloud kitchens in India, Nucleus Kitchens has introduced Kolkata’s renowned E-dabba in Bengaluru.

According to sources, Edabba is presently operating with two Nucleus Kitchens in Electronics City and Bellandur and will add another two in Indiranagar and Mahadevapura in the coming weeks.

Founded in the year 2021, Nucleus Kitchens is known for its industry-leading ‘plug-and-play kitchen’ service for cloud brands. While minimizing the high Capes and Opex, the ‘Kitchen-as-a-Service’ business model of Nucleus Kitchens enables food brands to expand their cloud kitchen chain to a new location with a fully managed and automated kitchen while ensuring high consistency of cuisines and highly scalable profits at the same time.

Speaking at Edabba’s launch event in Bellandur, founder Vedant Pasari said, “We are appreciative to Nucleus Kitchen for eliminating all the hassles which were associated with our expansion in Bengaluru.”

With a full-fledged KaaS brand like Nucleus Kitchens, according to Vedant, Edabba can focus on recipe planning, branding, marketing, and promotions to generate demand for their brands and leave the highly Capex-oriented kitchen, manpower planning, training, etc. to them.

Edabba’s extensive menu features a host of Indian flavours like Veg JhalFrezi, Methi Matar Malai, Chicken Butter Masala, Dal Makhani and Chicken Bharta, served with a variety of accompaniments such as Laccha Paratha, Masala Kulcha, Masala Khichdi, Jeera Rice and different types of Biryanis along with the diverse array of oriental dishes and desserts.

Owing to its low entry costs, minimal capital expenditure, no rent on property, and no operational concerns, all kinds of restaurateurs, from large to medium-scale brands, are turning to Nucleus Kitchens to expand their business throughout India.

Within a year of its inception, the Bengaluru unit of Nucleus Kitchens has already onboarded major cloud brands including Auntie Fung’s, Bigguy’s Wingery, Biggies Burger, Maharaja Chaap, Mad Momos, Meraki, Ghost Kitchen, Miami shakes, WakkaMakka, Ching Chong, Khichdi Paradise, Badmash Biryani, Biryani Hazirho, Bhayankar Burgers including Edabba being the newest in the queue.

“We help make cloud kitchen brands scale up faster. That is the only way you can make a brand grow and sustain,” said Ramchander Raman, Co-Founder & COO, Nucleus Kitchens, at the launch event.

According to him, a fully automated unit of Nucleus Kitchens can onboard over 15 brands and service their requirements. Raman said it could be a mix of cuisine brands of all types of cuisines from Indian to Oriental to Continental and Mediterranean. (ANI/PNN)

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