Kolar DCC bank staff stage sit-in after women refuse to repay loans

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The DCC bank staffers staged a sit-in protest against the women's refusal to repay loans.

KOLAR: In an unusual case, the staff of a district credit cooperative bank sat on protest in front of a group of women requesting them to pay up their loan dues. However, the women refused claiming that the Congress had promised to waive their loans if it came to power.

The incident occurred at Millat Nagar here on Friday when the bank staff had gone for recovery of loans. The women were insistent that they would not repay the loans saying that the Congress had promised loan waiver for Stree Shakti groups ahead of the election if it came to power.

A staffer of the DCC bank banging his head with a file out of frustration.

“We voted for the Congress and ensured its win. The party had promised to waive loans and even provide and additional Rs 1 lakh loan. We will not pay the dues, come what may”, some of the women can be heard saying in videos doing the rounds.

Though the bank staff tried to convince them saying that political parties make promises ahead of elections, the women would have none of it. Frustrated by their response, the bank staffers decide to stage a sit-in at the spot. “Whether you sit or stand, we are not going to pay. You can appeal to the government”, some of the women can be heard saying.

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