KMF hikes milk price by Rs 2 per litre, curd price by Rs 2 per kg

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BENGALURU: The Karantaka Milk Federation (KMF) has announced a hike in the price of Nandini milk by Rs 2 per litre and curd by Rs 2 per kg with effect from Thursday.

The KMF announced price hike of Nandini milk by Rs 2 per litre and curd by Rs 2 per kg.

Federation chairman Balachandra Jarakiholi announced the price hike after a meeting with all the milk unions. The revised price will help farmers directly, as they faced huge losses due to the incessant rain and deaths of cattle. He also informed that the Federation collects 77 lakh litres of milk daily, of which 50 lakh litres are sold as milk and the remaining 27 lakh litres goes into making milk products. The Federation is facing a loss of Rs 10 crore due to the Ksheera Bhagya scheme.

On the ocassion of World Milk Day, KMF will be releasing new Good Life milk to the market

The new price will be printed on the milk packets that will be available in the market from Thursday. The prices of toned milk have increased from Rs 37 to Rs 39, homogenised toned milk from Rs 38 to Rs 40, homogenised cow milk from Rs 42 to Rs 44, special milk from Rs 43 to Rs 45, Shubham milk from Rs 43 to Rs 45, homogenised standard milk from Rs 44 to Rs 46, Samrudhi milk from Rs 48 to Rs 50, Santhrupthi milk from Rs 50 to Rs 52, double-toned milk from Rs 36 to Rs 38 and curd from Rs 45 to Rs 47 per kg.

On the occasion of the World Milk Day on November 26, a new ‘Good Life’ milk will be released in the market.

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