Kikkoman launches its first ever dark soy sauce, specially crafted for India, after four years of R&D

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MUMBAI: For the first time in its 350-year history, Kikkoman is launching a dark soy sauce crafted exclusively for the Indian market.

In a sign of its commitment to Indian consumers, Kikkoman of Japan has spent four years creating a natural dark soy sauce — as distinct from its world-famous classic naturally brewed Kikkoman Soy Sauce — after realizing that many Indians expect Chinese and Pan-Asian dishes to have a rich, dark colour which they find visually appealing.

Kikkoman’s classic soy sauce is famous for being naturally brewed with just four ingredients — soybeans, wheat, salt, and water — which accounts for its clear reddish-brown colour. In developing a dark soy sauce for the Indian market, Kikkoman wanted to offer a similarly natural product, without a trace of the chemicals and artificial seasonings used by many dark soy sauce manufacturers to add colour.

The result is Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce, crafted by using the classic soy sauce as the base, along with the proprietary technology which Kikkoman developed to yield a rich, deep colour.

“We set out to create a dark soy sauce that goes beyond superficial colour enhancements”, said Shohei Yokobari, Product Manager for Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce. “It was a huge challenge to develop a natural product without added colouring or flavouring agents which is why it took four years of relentless effort and innovation. We are proud to present Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce — a culmination of our rich brewing history and cutting-edge proprietary technology”.

Earlier, Indian chefs who wanted their dishes to have a dark colour had a problem. They could use a dark soy sauce for the colour, but in the process they didn’t have the delicious taste and umami of the classic Kikkoman Soy Sauce. Often, they combined the two but this was still not a satisfactory solution because the dark soy sauces available to them contained chemicals. They wanted to serve dishes to diners using natural and authentic ingredients. Now, in Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce, chefs have found a perfect solution.

“The flavour profile is complex and deep and if I do a blind tasting, I can easily distinguish a dish made with Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce and one made with other soy sauces”, said Chef Vikas Seth, culinary director at Embassy Leisure, Bengaluru.

Chef Huang Te Sing, executive corporate Chinese chef at The Oriental Blossom, Marine Plaza Mumbai, called the new sauce ‘fantastic’. “It has a distinguishable umami element and the right colour balance which goes very well in my Chinese dishes at Oriental Blossom”.

At the Berco’s chain in Delhi NCR which has 46 outlets, Chef Vishal Kharel, culinary director, plans to start using Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce across the board because of what he called its ‘awesome taste’. “It is more flavourful in taste and natural in colour which is a perfect combination”, said Kharel.

This product is made in India using Kikkoman Honjozo Soy Sauce produced in Japan as the main ingredient and supports the ‘Make In India’ initiative. Given that Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce was made specially for the Indian market, it is appropriate that it is produced in India, as part of the government’s Make in India initiative. For chefs who wish to use locally produced ingredients, this fact is yet another attraction of the new sauce.

Kikkoman looks forward to contributing to the enhancement of India’s vibrant food culture by assisting in the creation of delicious new experiences through our products. Recognizing the richness and diversity of India’s food culture, Kikkoman aspires to cater to the full spectrum of preferences. (ANI, PRN Newswire)

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