Kerala-based advertising agency implements leave days for menopause

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Kerala-based advertising agency implements leave days for menopause

KOCHI:  An advertising agency named ‘Push 360’ based in Kerala, has announced the right to menopause menstrual leave days for women working in its organisation.

The agency which has produced several commercials featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Mohanlal and many other famous stars, has announced the periodical holidays for its employees in menopause health conditions.

“Push 360 is happy to announce menstrual day-offs to all our women colleagues right from today. As an equal opportunity provider, we believe that providing our women colleagues with day-offs from the workplace during their menstruation period would help them both physically and psychologically. All the women who are presently working at Push 360, as well as those who are destined to walk with us in the future, will be granted this privilege, like those implemented in all universities in Kerala. PUSH 360 allows them to take time off for issues relating to menopause too,” V A Shrikumar, the CMD of the agency on Friday.

“I see this as a proud decision by Push 360, which has been in the advertising and branding industry for over 30 years,” V A Shrikumar added.

Notably, the company, which has been working in the advertising sector for 30 years in the country, has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Kerala.

The leave will be on the pattern of menstrual leave implemented in Kerala universities.

Menstrual leave was implemented in all the universities of Kerala. Universities in Kerala have announced menstrual leave with an additional entitlement of two per cent leave days. (ANI)

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