Keragodu villagers pledge to hoist Hanuman flag after darshan of Bala Rama

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MANDYA: The Hanuman flag hoisting controversy at Keragodu village in the district does not seem to be going away any time soon. Now, pro-Hindu activists raised slogans in the Ram temple premises in Ayodhya after offering prayer and pledged to hoist the Hanuman flag after darshan of Ram Lalla.

After the Hanuman flag controversy, Keragodu villagers and Hindu activists have gone on a trip to Ayodhya. At this time, the villagers who took darshan of Sri Ram Lalla have taken a vow to hoist the Hanuman flag once again on the flag pole in the village.

The police removed the Hanuman flag from the 108-f00t-tall flag post and replaced it with national flag on the ground that the flag post was erected to hoist the Tricolour. The Hanuman flag had been put up ahead of teh Pran Pratishtha at the Ayodhya Ram temple. After the Hanuman flag was removed, a protest was held in the village and the villagers vented ire against the government saying that they should be allowed to hoist the Hanuman flag.

BJP and JDS leaders had come down heavily against the Congress government on this issue. Hindu organidations had also called Mandya Bandh and issued a warning message to the district administration. Now again, the villagers of Keragodu have taken an oath in the land of Lord Rama to hoist the Hanuman flag again in the village.

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