Kejriwal: Manish Sisodia will be arrested in Delhi liquor excise policy case

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MUMBAI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday claimed that his sources have confirmed that Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, who has been called for questioning by the CBI with regard to the Delhi liquor excise policy case, will be arrested on Sunday by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Speaking at the ABP Network’s second edition of ‘Ideas of India’ Summit, Kejriwal said, “CBI has called Manish Sisodia for questioning. Our sources are saying that he will be arrested on Sunday… It is very sad.”

The Delhi Chief Minister further said that the CBI raided Sisodia’s residence and searched his bank lockers, but nothing was found.

“CBI raided Manish Sisodia, searched his bank accounts, raided his house, searched his lockers, raided his office, raided properties in his village but nothing was found,” said the Delhi CM.

Kejriwal said that Sisodia offered hope of a good future to crores of poor children in the country.

Lauding the Deputy Chief Minister for improving the education system in Delhi, Kejriwal said, “Manish Sisodia is the person, who after 75 years of independence has given hope to the poor people of this country that their children can also have a good future. Today in Delhi, the children of the poor are becoming doctors, engineers and lawyers.

Manish Sisodia has given a lot of hope to them.”

He claimed that a conspiracy has been hatched to defame such a person by framing him in a false case.

“If you arrest him and put him in jail in a false case, how will the country make progress? If the king of a country will send to jail those who give education to the children of the poor in that country and will hand over the entire country to two four friends, then how will the country progress?” he added.

Kejriwal also said that he first met Sisodia on December 29, 1999, when he was working in the Income Tax department.

Notably, Sisodia on Monday said that the CBI has called him for questioning on February 26 in connection with the Delhi liquor excise policy case.

Earlier, the CBI had asked Sisodia to appear for questioning on February 19. On last Sunday, Sisodia requested the central agency to defer questioning saying that he is “preparing the budget” at present and can only appear before it towards February-end.

However, Sisodia has not been named an accused in the chargesheet filed in the case. Arrested businessmen Vijay Nair and Abhishek are among the seven accused named in the chargesheet.

In August last year, the CBI searched Sisodia’s bank locker in connection with the case. The deputy CM claimed the sleuths did not find any incriminating material in his locker.

Several raids were conducted at 21 places in Delhi and the National Capital Region, including Sisodia’s residence, and the premises of four public servants last year, according to a CBI officer, who further said that the raids were conducted across 7 states.

The CBI launched a probe in the matter on the basis of a report forwarded by the Delhi chief secretary to L-G Saxena recommending a probe by the central agency. (ANI)

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