KSRTC’s innovative approach to road safety: Distributes 1,600 thermo-flasks to drivers

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU : As many as 1,600 drivers associated with Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) will now get good-quality 500-ml thermoflasks to carry tea or coffee with them during nighttime routes.

The move by the KSRTC to provide drivers with thermo flasks is aimed at providing refreshments for drivers to enhance passenger safety and the thermo flasks have been introduced by the KSRTC in its 15 divisions, an official statement issued in this regard said on Saturday.

“With a firm commitment to prioritise passenger and employee safety, KSRTC regularly reviews its operations and related information, promptly taking corrective and preventive measures,” it said.

A recent study revealed a higher incidence of accidents involving the corporation’s buses during the early morning hours, specifically from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m.

To ensure the safety of passengers, it has been recognised as critical for drivers operating during these hours to remain refreshed.

“To address this concern, drivers are now provided with a 500-ml thermo flask, allowing them to carry coffee or tea during their night duties when hotels or refreshment options are limited,” it added.

A statement from KSRTC on Saturday said that this provision aims to enable drivers to refresh themselves adequately, enhancing their alertness and ensuring safer operation of vehicles, ultimately contributing to the safe transportation of passengers to their respective destinations. (ANI)

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