Karnataka Congress accuses PM of silence in Prajwal Revanna sexual abuse case, says ‘no cooperation from Centre”

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BENGALURU: Karnataka Congress accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of his silence in the Prajwal Revanna sexual abuse case on Thursday.

In a post on X, Karnataka Congress said, “Our government had issued a blue corner notice against Prajwal and sought the cooperation of Interpol. But the arrest of Prajwal abroad has not received any positive cooperation from the central government till now.”

“The Ministry of External Affairs is silent. This makes it clear himself is standing up for Prajwal,” the post further reads.

Meanwhile, JDS leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said a memorandum will be handed over to the Governor over the SIT investigation at 3 pm on Thursday.

“We have planned to give a memorandum to the governor alleging the SIT investigation today at 3 pm. We don’t have any hope in SIT investigation,” the former CM said.

“Many Vokkaliga leaders including Ramalinga Reddy, Cheluvaraya swami, Krishna Bhyregowda all ministers are standing with the government over the SIT investigation, this is what they do, they bring Vokkaliga leaders to fight against me,” he said.

“As per my information they have brought the family of the victims, the kidnapped lady, why haven’t they produced before the court, why have they been kept in some guest house, did they bring her from the house, where was she brought from, where is she now, why can’t SIT give information about her appearance before the magistrate,” Kumaraswamy said.

Commenting on MLA HD Revanna’s arrest, he said, “What’s the allegation on the MLA HD Revanna, why haven’t they bring her in front of the court, their intention is nothing but keeping HD Revanna into jail for three days.”

On DK Shivakumar’s allegation that HD Kumar Swamy is behind the release of Prajwal Revanna pen drives, he said, “Yes. I am the producer, I’m the director, I’m the actor and everything. These kind of stories came in movies, say something else. DK Shivakumar alleges that I’m behind all these episodes. Let him say. Whatever he wants, I’ll answer at the right time.”

HD Revanna and his son, Prajwal Revanna are facing a probe by a Special Investigative Team (SIT), constituted by the Karnataka government, over allegations of sexual harassment and criminal intimidation following a complaint by a woman who worked in their household.

HD Revanna is under Special Investigation Team (SIT) custody till May 8 in a kidnapping case linked to the “obscene video case”, while Prajwal Revanna has fled to another country. (ANI)

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