‘Kangana represents aspirations of our nation’s daughters’: PM Modi in Mandi

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MANDI (Himachal Pradesh) : Coming out in defence of actor-turned-politician and BJP candidate from Mandi, Kangana Ranaut, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a rally in Himachal Pradesh called the Congress party as “anti-women”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, conducted an election rally in Himachal’s Mandi in support of BJP candidate Kanagana Ranaut who is pitted against Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh.

Rallying support for BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut, PM Modi said, “The way Congress has insulted Kangana Ranaut is an insult to Mandi. It’s an insult to Himachal and every daughter of Himachal.”

“Our daughters are flying drones in farms and fighter planes. Kangana Ranaut is not just BJP’s candidate but she reflects the aspirations of our nation’s daughters, showing they can succeed in any new field they enter. The Congress party’s insults to Kangana are insults to Mandi, Himachal, and every daughter of the state,” PM Modi said.

“Congress could not reach the 21st century. People move forward, Congress moves backwards. This is going back to the 20th century. The royal family of Congress is extremely anti-daughter, Congress is anti-women,” he added.

Highlighting the significance of Palampur, which is located 91 kilometres from Mandi, Prime Minister Modi reminisced about the pivotal decision regarding the Ram Mandir which was made there.

“Palampur is not very far from here. Today, I want to remind that there was a meeting of the BJP Working Committee in Palampur. The decision taken there created history. In this same session, the BJP resolved to build a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. That means Himachal is the land of resolution for the construction of Ram temple. 500 years of the struggle and the sacrifice of so many people has ended. This could happen only because of your vote.”

“Today Ramlala is seated in Ayodhya, Himachal is happy, Gods and Goddesses are showering blessings. But, Congress is not happy. If your one vote had not increased Modi’s power, Congress would never have allowed the Ram temple to be built,” he added.

PM Modi further praised the achievements enabled by voters, including the abrogation of Article 370, the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the introduction of One Rank One Pension, and the establishment of women’s reservations. “Your votes have driven these changes,” he asserted.

Criticizing the Congress party’s long-standing rule, PM Modi said, “You have seen the rule of Congress for decades. Congress likes an India where there is poverty, crisis and citizens are surrounded by problems. That’s why they want to bring back the old situation in the country. They want to put the country’s development in reverse gear. That’s why Congress is saying that if we come to power, we will bring back 370 and abolish CAA. Congress allies are saying that we will destroy the country’s nuclear weapons”.

Modi reaffirmed his commitment to a Uniform Civil Code, advocating uniform laws for all Indian citizens, irrespective of religion.

“Modi has pledged for a Uniform Civil Code. Indian citizens, whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or Buddhist, should have uniform civil laws. But Congress is opposing the Uniform Civil Code. Congress supports Sharia in the name of Muslim Personal Law,” he said. (ANI)

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