Junior health inspectors say they haven’t been paid salaries for 7 months

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BENGALURU: Junior Health Inspectors in charge of solid waste management in the city have not got their salaries for the last seven months. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has given the contact to XIMB, a private recruitment company named based in Punjab.

Seema, one of the Junior Health Inspector, said, “I have been working since for the six years and we work alongside civic workers. We head out of homes for work at 5 am to report on time. But there is no job security or insurance facility. We are also not getting salaries on time. We are striving just like civic workers and even attending to their complaints and finding solutions for them.”

Seema, a Junior Health Inspector, requested the BBMP to consider their request and pay them on time.

She further said, “We tried to bring it to the attention of BBMP Chief Commissioner and Special Commissioner. But it was of now use. We want equal pay for equal work”. She also urged the authorities concerned to consider their request for timely payment of salaries.

Anand, another Junior Health Inspector, urged the government to consider them under DBT system.

Anand, another Junior Health Inspector, said, “We are working on contract basis for the last five years with XIMB company. We request the government to ensure that our salaries are paid on time. We have eliminated at least 16,000 black spots in Bengaluru. The government should consider payment DBT system and equal pay for equal work. There are 214 Junior Health Inspectors working for BBMP. When we question XIMB, they say that payment is due from BBMP”.

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