Jeremy Renner’s trainer as he reveals actors’ recovery plan

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WASHINGTON: The ‘Hawkeye’ actor Jeremy Renner has magically recovered post his snowplow accident and the world wonders how? The trainer of Jeremy Renner, Christopher Vincent, has revealed his experience during the actor’s physical therapy.

According to People, a US-based media house, Vincent stated, “He’s ( Renner) an extremely unique and rare person.

I’ve worked with hundreds and thousands of athletes, celebrities, regular people, and it’s really a special personality that has that drive and determination,” Vincent said. He will get through it to where you are back stronger than you were before the accident.” Vincent is working with the actor since 2011 as physician and trainer.

Trainer used the word “excruciating” to describe the pain Jeremy experienced at the beginning of the process. He also explained how it is tough to deal with such situations when someone has mental traumas. He quoted, “I mean, it’s bad enough with one of those traumas. The fracture through his tibia was so severe that that alone…mentally you can’t deal with that much pain.”

Vincent told People, “When you’ve got 30 of those, your body is just sending pain signals to your brain from every part of your body. You can’t override them; You’re mentally just trying to quiet them down. It’s happening 24 hours a day, so it’s not like he gets a reprieve when he’s sleeping. It doesn’t sleep, so it’s affecting your sleep, and that lack of sleep is affecting your recovery.”

Vincent also described the plan he adopted to execute the physical therapy of the actor. The therapy consisted of the actor getting on an anti-inflammatory diet and providing him supplements that help reduce inflammation and the pain signals to get to his brain. Renner was also meditating and just trying to calm himself to override this.

“As he’s in bed, we’re moving his shoulders, moving his hips, moving his limbs,” said Vincent. Trainer also turned Jeremy’s house into a rehab centre that made the actor’s mother ask them to leave boxes which can be used later.

Jeremy recently attended the premiere of his upcoming series ‘Rennervations’ in Los Angeles at the Regency Village Theatre, three months after the snowplow accident. (ANI)

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