JDS prez HD Kumaraswamy challenges Siddaramaiah to form his own party

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RAICHUR: Janata Dal (Secular) President HD Kumaraswamy challenged Leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Assembly and Congress leader Siddaramaiah to form his own party and try and win five seats if he has the strength.

Speaking to the reporters at Mittimalkapur in the taluk on Saturday, he said, “after the election, JDS will attract the attention of the country, wait and see.”

“I would like to inform DK Shivakumar and Sullina Ramaiah (Liar Siddaramaiah) that after this election, the JDS will shine brightly across the country. The target of 123 seats will be achieved. I shall warn them that if they continue to talk ill about JDS, they will lose their existing seats,” he added.

The southern state is expected to witness Assembly elections in mid-April or the beginning of May. (ANI)

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