Janardhana Reddy to donate Rs 6 crore for new Shaadi Mahal in Gangavati

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Former Minsiter Janardhan Reddy visited Kurnool Baba Dargah in Gangavati on Sunday.

KOPPALA:  Former minister Janaradhan Reddy has agreed to donate Rs 6 crore towards the construction of a new Shaadi Mahal building near Kurnool Baba Dargah in Gangavati. An agreement to this effect was signed with the dargah authorities on Thursday.

Janardhana Reddy signing the agreement for construction of a new Shaadi Mahal project of dargah.

Reddy has of late been hinting at returning to active politics after long break. Following his visits to various temples, he visited the Karnool Baba Dargah at Gangavati and then the Khalilullah Kadri Dargah. At this time, the moulvis and devotees handed over proposals for construction of a huge Shaadi Mahal. He is planning to take on Iqbal Ansari, a former minister and Congress aspirant.

Janardhana Reddy received blessings from the Moulvis at the Dargah.

The surprise move of Janaradhan Reddy has created a storm in the political circles in Gangavati and has become a hot topic of discussion on social media. Meanwhile, some Hindu activists are criticising his actions.

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