Jagdeep Dhankar says India will be 3rd largest economy by end of decade

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NEW DELHI: Asserting that India’s rise is unstoppable and it is among the most favourite investment destinations, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar on Friday said nobody can be allowed to tarnish or diminish achievements of those sweating for the country.

Addressing the 61st convocation ceremony of ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, PUSA, here the Vice President said that by the turn of the decade, India will be the third largest economy of the world.

He said India is mother of democracy, the largest democracy and “the most functional democracy”.

Dhankar said agricultural education should become the epicentre of research, innovation and entrepreneurship for the progress of the country.

He took a dig at former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan who has been critical of some economic policy decisions of the government.

“We cannot allow anyone to taint, tarnish and diminish the achievements of those who are sweating for this nation, by the end of this decade economists agree…some people who have worked here in RBI, have been Chief Economic Advisor. They came from abroad and took a post and when the term ended, were keen on its renewal. When they did not get it, went back abroad and from there will say there could be a food crisis in India,” Dhankar said.

“I have been the Governor of West Bengal and I have seen during COVID more than 80 crore people were given foodgrains and are being given today. How was this possible – because there is ‘anndata’, you people,” he added.

The Vice President lauded India’s efforts towards marking the year 2023 as the International Year of Millets, and its significance for the agriculture sector across the world. He also referred to increasing use of cutting-edge technology in agriculture, including drones, which is transforming this sector in tandem with changing times.

“By the turn of the decade, India will be the third largest economy of the world. You have to lay the foundation of youth that what all India will give to the world in 2047. In 2047, when India enters centenary of its independence, it will be a focal point for entire globe for peace, harmony, security and growth,” Dhankar said.

“We are the mother of democracy, we are the largest democracy, we are the most functional democracy. We as Indians must always keep our Bharat first. We must be proud Indians and take pride in our great accomplishments,” he added.

Dhankhar dwelled upon the steps taken to uplift the farm sector and said Rs 2.2 lakh crore has been transferred to over 11.4 crore farmers under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi initiative.

“Agriculture is the spine of our economy. Agriculture and agro based industries are the driving force of our economy and because of them India is a rising star in the global economy. India attained the status of 5th largest economy overcoming erstwhile ruler UK. Indeed, it is a milestone achievement and farm and agro sector had significant contribution in India’s global rise,” he said.

Dhankhar, who is Chairman of Rajya Sabha, noted that the talent pool of ICAR-IARI is drawn from all sections which truly represent India. “It is drawn from the segment that has the most authentic enterprise, mission and passion to give everything for the country,” he said.

Dhankar said there is a big “lab to land” movement. “I am confident that IARI will continue to serve the nation with innovations, quality human resource and technological adaptations in the agriculture and farm sector,” he said.

The Vice President said India’s rise is exponential and unstoppable but malicious attempts to attack it on baseless parameters can come from anywhere.

“It is the job of the intelligentsia and every person particularly young minds to take note of it and neutralize it,” he said.

A total of 402 students, including those from India and abroad, received their Post Graduate and Doctoral degrees.
The event was also attended by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar. (ANI)

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