J-K’s Darhal forest fire was intentional, says forest official

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Public TV English
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RAJOURI (Jammu and Kashmir) : A forest fire that broke out three days ago in the 148th compartment of Dodaj village forests in Darhal block of Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir was set intentionally, according to a Forest Department official.

However, with the unprecedented efforts of the department and various teams, the fire is under control now.

Speaking with ANI, forest department officials conveyed that such fire incidents are increasing rapidly during the summer.

Forest Range Officer Nasir Hussain said, “The fires were set intentionally and I urge people to provide any information about the perpetrators, if they have. He warned that the police will take strict action against those responsible.

While applauding the team efforts, Hussain stated, “Our various teams, including Giant Teams, Protection Staff, and Territorial Staff, have been deployed in the area for the past three days and through their unprecedented efforts, almost all the fires are now under control.”

He also explained that the fires persisted due to the peak summer season and the presence of dry forest and litter.

“We called for fire assistance, and our team has been working around the clock to control the fire,” Hussain said.

Appealing to locals, Hussain said, “These are our resources, and we need to save them. While we are working 24/7 to control the fire, I appeal to the locals to assist our staff in this effort; it would be a great help.”

No casualties or injuries to anyone have been reported in the forest fire.

Earlier, on Friday, a massive fire broke out at the Darhal forest in Jammu and Kashmir’s (J-K) Rajouri district. According to officials, the fire broke out at Chota Naar forest closure near Saabzi Parori Gujjaran Road. (ANI)

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