‘It would be better if people watched movie in theatres’: Rishabh Shetty on Kantara prequel

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Public TV English
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UDUPI: ‘Divine Star’ Rishabh Shetty shared a piece of update about ‘Kantara Part-1’ on Tuesday, said shooting is going in phases. “Hombale Films, the film production house, will announce everything about the movie. The shooting of the prequel to ‘Kantara’ has already started. The overall work on the movie is going very well”, he said.

Speaking to the media after casting his vote amid his busy schedule at Keradi in Byndoor, Rishabh Shetty said, “I feel it would be better if people watched the movie in theaters. The responsibility is greater than before, especially after the success of ‘Kantara’. A big team is working on our upcoming movie. It is a big boon for filmmakers to have such an amazing production house like Hombale Films. There are amazing technicians working on Kantara Part-1. The shooting will be done part by part continuously”.

“It is the people who are responsible for ‘Kantara’s success. I will not say anything in words, I thought it should be shown through my work. I have no pressure. It was a very big project for me at that time. Cinema is always a learning process, and I am doing it,” Rishab Shetty said.

He said that, he has grown a long beard for a year for the movie. “Once the shooting of ‘Kantara Part-1’ is completed, fans and media will be invited to the shooting location. We have to maintain the utmost secrecy until the shooting is completed. We will shoot our entire movie in the coastal area”, he said.

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