Israeli military destroys two more Hamas Gaza terror tunnels

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Public TV English
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TEL AVIV : The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that in recent weeks its soldiers, led by the engineering unit of the IDF’s Gaza Division along with the Engineering Corps of the IDF Southern Command, and other units have mapped and dismantled two additional attack tunnels located in the Beit Hanoun area in the northern Gaza Strip.

The IDF said that tunnels had been under continuous intelligence and technological surveillance.

One of the tunnels was exposed in 2014 during Operation “Protective Edge,” a previous military campaign against Hamas in Gaza. At that time, it was used by Hamas terrorists to cross into Israeli territory and was destroyed immediately afterward.

However, another section of this tunnel, which the IDF said was located deep in the Gaza Strip and part of Hamas’ extensive tunnel network, was targeted several times during the “Swords of Iron” War since it began after the October 7 Hamas massacre. After research and mapping work conducted in recent weeks, it was determined by the IDF that airstrikes destroyed the tunnel route.

The second tunnel was part of the same extensive tunnel network of the Hamas terrorist organization and was dug about 150 meters from the security fence along the border with Israel, but never crossed into Israeli territory. This tunnel was destroyed through demolition.(ANI/TPS)

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