Israeli daily Jerusalem Post hit by multiple cyberattacks

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TEL AVIV: Even as Israel carried out retaliatory air raids into Hamas hideouts after the rocket attacks and ground assault left over 300 dead and more than 1,000 injured, hackers targeted the country’s leading and best-selling English newspaper with multiple cyberattacks.

“The Jerusalem Post has been targeted by multiple cyberattacks this morning causing our site to crash,” the Israeli daily posted on X.
The English daily added, “We’ll be back soon and will continue to be the top source of information on Operation Swords of Iron and the murderous attacks by Hamas.”

The cyberattacks came on the heels of the Hamas group launching a massive rocket barrage and ground, air and sea offensive against Israel on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the toll of injured from the Hamas attacks rose to 1,864, The Times of Israel reported citing the Health Ministry. Of those affected, 326 were gravely injured, 359 sustained moderate injuries, and 19 were in a critical condition.

Additionally, 20 people were being treated for severe stress while 821 had minor injuries. A further 223 persons were being watched over by medical personnel, The Times of Israel reported.

An undetermined number of terrorists were captured or killed by security forces and others while some managed to sneak back into Gaza with hostages, including women, children, and senior citizens, according to reports.

Israel launched “Operation Swords of Iron,” striking a number of suspected Hamas hideouts in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel’s response to the Hamas incursion will “exact a huge price” on the terrorist group.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Health Ministry said 232 people were killed and 1,790 injured in Gaza. (ANI)

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