Israeli couple ties the knot on eve of military deployment

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Public TV English
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TEL AVIV: Among the thousands of Israeli military reservists called up for duty were Uri Mintzer and Elinor Yosefin, who decided to hold an impromptu wedding ceremony on Sunday night before reporting to their respective units.

The young couple were travelling in Thailand when Hamas surprised Israel with a devastating attack on Saturday. They quickly rushed home.

“I’ve thought about this moment thousands of times, but I never imagined it like this”, Mintzer said. “I fully hope that we’ll be able to soon have a full wedding like we want. I’ve been blessed to fall in love with my best friend, and she is my past, present and future”.

The couple exchanged vows in the presence of only their parents and a small group of well-wishers under a traditional wedding canopy in Shoham, in central Israel.

Rabbi David Stav, who officiated the wedding, said, “It’s not every day that a couple gets married on the eve of going off to war and this marriage is proof of the strength of this couple in their relationship and a demonstration of their love for each other, their country and the Jewish nation”.

The rabbi added, “Our sincerest prayer is that the home they will be building will house them for many years to come. And even while this was a very small wedding, we hope and pray that with God’s help when they both safely return, we will be able to rejoice in a large gathering with many friends and family”.

Israeli Defence Forces spokesperson Rear Adm Daniel Hagari said on Monday that 3,00,000 reservists have been mobilized for duty. The IDF “has never mobilised so many reservists so quickly — 3,00,000 reservists — in 48 hours”, Hagari said. (ANI/TPS)

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