Israel opens new hotline for Arabs needing help with ongoing crisis

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Public TV English
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TEL AVIV: The Authority for Economic Development in Minority Sectors at the Ministry of Social Equality launched an emergency hotline for information and support in Israel’s Arab communities with the aim of helping the local Arab authorities deal with the state of emergency and the ongoing fighting in Gaza.

A team will work to make the vital information coming from the frontline command accessible to the frontline in Arab society; Mapping and locating needs that will be defined as emergency services; Assistance in connecting the initiatives of the civil society organizations to the needs arising from the field and carrying out training in accordance with the needs that will arise in the near future. In addition to this, the emergency center will conduct monitoring and filtering of incorrect and inflammatory information on the network.

The emergency center was established in cooperation with the National Committee of the Heads of the Arab Local Authorities and the Kfar Qassem Municipality, and will coordinate its operations with the Home Front Command, the police, the Ministry of Education, the fire and rescue services and the various government ministries, with the aim of consolidating and making available all the relevant information to the Arab local authorities and the associations active Arab communities.

The emergency center will be operated by teams of experts from a variety of fields to monitor the field teams of the local authorities, will work to make information accessible on a regular basis and publish daily reports to the media and the public. (ANI/TPS )

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