ISF’s Naushad Siddiqui after release from jail: ‘Keep pointing out scams of the Mamata govt’

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Public TV English
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KOLKATA: Indian Secular Front (ISF) leader and Bhangar MLA Naushad Siddiqui, who had been lodged in jail for the past 42 days, was finally released on Saturday morning. Police arrested Siddiqui during a protest rally in Kolkata on January 21 against the attack on ISF supporters and workers in Bhangar by the TMC.

Speaking to ANI after coming out of Presidency Correctional home Siddiqui said, “It is the victory of the common people. If they think I will get afraid after being sent to jail for 41 days, they are wrong.”

“I am still standing for the cause and will speak about the issues. The government’s functioning, the scams and mistake they are making, we will point it out,” he said.

“I have gained a lot of experience in these 41 days. I will move forward with these experiences,” he added.

It was alleged that the ISF leader and his supporters had attacked police personnel during the protest rally in the Dharmatalla area of Kolkata.

ISF supporters thronged the Presidency Correctional Home in Dumdum with flowers and garlands after receiving the news that Siddiqui would be released. (ANI)

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