Iron rails stick out on Hebbal flyover, pose danger to two-wheeler riders

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BENGALURU: Thick iron rails laid on the Hebbal flyover during construction of the road, are now sticking out on the surface, posing a danger to motorists. This is very busiest flyover and is one of the main entry points to the city from Airport, K R Puram Road and Tumakuru Road side.

With the asphalt wearing off, the iron rails on the flyover are protruding on the surface. While four-wheelers and other heavy vehicles may not be affected much, it has the potential to cause accidents among two-wheeler riders.

An old railway track structure pop out on Hebbal flyover.

When two-wheelers and three-wheeler vehicles move on these strips, there may be chance of skidding or the riders losing balance. With vehicles speeding sometimes, there is also the risk to life and limb.

Satish said, it is very dangerous road, no one fixed this problem.

Satish, a motorcyclist, said, “These iron strips are a danger to two-wheeler riders. If a rider shifts lanes, they may fall and there will be heavy vehicles coming from behind. It can throw a rider off balance. If we slow down, other speeding vehicles may hit from behind. I use this road regularly and I experienced the danger just now. Anybody can fall on the road”.

Physiotherapist Aparna said rails are a danger to the lives of two-wheeler riders.

Aparna, a physiotherapist, said, “I have been using this road since past three years, and the situation has been the same as the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye. As a physiotherapist, I know what an injured person will have to go through. It is unsafe and scary. The authorities should take responsibility and fix the problem at the earliest and make the flyover safer”.

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