Inspired by his mother, Anant Ambani serves rescued animals through ‘Vantara’

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JAMNAGAR (Gujarat) : Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation on Monday launched Vantara, a paradigm-shifting initiative for animal welfare in the heart of Gujarat’s green belt. Vantara (Star of the Forest), an ambitious program is dedicated to the rescue, treatment, care, and rehabilitation of animals in need.

With a commitment to global conservation, Vantara transforms this expansive space into a lush jungle, collaboratively crafted with animal care experts, providing a haven for the flourishing well-being of rescued species worldwide.

In an interview with ANI after the launch event, Anant Ambani, Director at Reliance Industries Limited, said, “In Radha Krishna Elephant welfare trust, we have rescued more than 200 elephants from across India. We serve elephants. Only service work is done here. This is not a zoo, this is a ‘Sevalaya’ (service room). I believe that Shri Ganesh resides in elephants and the form of Ganesh is that of an elephant. So, I serve elephants with the spirit of serving Ganesha.”

The facility boasts a specialized kitchen spanning more than 14,000 square feet, meticulously crafting a tailored diet for each elephant, prioritizing their crucial physical requirements, including oral health.

In addition, the center employs Ayurvedic techniques for elephant care, ranging from soothing hot oil massages to the application of Multani Mitti. Ayurveda practitioners diligently work around the clock, ensuring comprehensive well-being for the elephants.

“We have built a nutrition lab and kitchen. We have created a jungle in 600 acre of land so that elephants can feel they are living in their natural habitat and they can feel that they live in jungle. We are doing surgeries of many elephant here. We are also doing different kind of care management work for the elephants,” Anant Ambani said.

When asked about what inspired him in building an animal rescue trust, he said, “My parents are animal lovers since their childhood. When they were kids, they adopted 30-35 stray dogs. I started this work since childhood and as it is said in our Hindu religion that every god has a favorite animal and I did it as per that. Animal service was most important and many people like me are serving them and more people should do it”.

“My source of inspiration was my mother and along with it what we have been taught in Hindu religion or Sanatana Dharma and that’s why I have built this. As they say, ‘The small water droplets will fill a big ocean’. This should be in the hearts of every human being that every being is same. If this will be the thought process, then everyone will get inspired and India could be a unique case study globally, where we can do a lot for the welfare of animals,” Anant Ambani added.

The launched rescue and rehabilitation center spanning 650 acres has been established within the extensive 3000-acre premises.

This facility serves as a haven for wild animals previously utilized in circuses or confined zoos. Animals from distressed and hazardous environments, both within India and worldwide, find refuge here.

They are accommodated in state-of-the-art large enclosures and shelters, ensuring their well-being and recovery.

“Soon, we will open our zoological park for the citizens only for educational purposes. We do not wish to do any kind of business from it. This has been constructed with a spirit of service. People can get their inspiration from it and talk about taking it ahead and that’s why we will soon open it for public,” Anant Ambani said.

“We have built a hospital for animals in which we have used the state of the art of technology. The hospital has MRI machine, CT scan machine, endoscopic robotic surgery can be done. 6 surgical centres are there which we call surgery rooms as well. We have lab. I believe we have the best lab in the world. We have in patient, put patient and ICU as well for wildlife animals. In this hospital, the most difficult thing that we do for animals is we attach prosthetics for animals,” Anant Ambani added.

“I believe that god has given me the strength to serve and with god’s blessing I am able to do this service. It is my parent’s blessing as well that I am able to do this. This was also my small passion project,” he further said.

In recent years, the initiative has successfully saved over 200 elephants and thousands of other animals, reptiles, and birds from perilous situations.

Moreover, Vantara has actively participated in international rescue missions, extending its impact to countries such as Mexico and Venezuela.

Responding to calls from Central American zoo authorities, it recently transported several large animals. All these rescue and rehabilitation endeavors strictly adhere to legal and regulatory frameworks, both in India and on the international stage.- By Shafali Nigam (ANI)

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