Indian Railway returns joy to 19-month kid by reuniting him with his lost toy

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NEW DELHI: The purity of childhood is such that even as an adult we can be mesmerised by it from time to time and something similar recently happened on a train where a stranger and the Indian Railway officials went that extra mile to reunite a kid with his favourite toy.

On Wednesday, through the Indian Railways’ 139 helpline number, a complaint was filed by a male passenger identified as Bhusin Patnayak. He informed the authorities that he was travelling in the B-2 coach of the Secunderabad-Agartala special train (07030).

Patnayak told them that during his journey he took notice of a man and his wife travelling along with their child. The kid had a toy with him and was playing with it. But, while de-boarding, the family forgot to take the toy with them.

The passenger, who had noticed the child’s attachment to his toy, requested officials if it was possible for them to help and return it to the kid.

When contacted, the passenger said that he did not know the couple, and neither had their contact details.

The Indian Railway officials then traced the live location of the train and staff members reached the New Jalpaiguri station to collect the toy from the passenger.

Officials said that locating the contact details of the family was a difficult task as the ticket was purchased through the reservation counter in Secunderabad.

A team was tasked with identifying the reservation slip that was filled out for seeking the reservation and after a thorough search, the slip was found and from it, the contact details of the family were collected.

Their names were cross-checked through the reservation chart as Mohit Rzaa and Nasreen Begum. The family lived in Qazi Gaon village of Uttar Dinajpur District – about 20 Km from Aluabari railway station.

A team of Railway officials reached their home and handed over the toy to the child.

The father and the kid, whose toy it was, were overwhelmed by this sweet gesture. The kid’s father even expressed his gratitude to the railways for this kind gesture.

The father told officials that the toy truck was very close to his child’s heart, but they forgot it on the train. “I thought nobody would put any effort just for a toy. So, I didn’t register any complaint even when I was also feeling bad for my child,” the child’s father Mohit said. (ANI)

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