Indian Navy swiftly responds to distress call from Iranian fishing vessel Ameen

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NEW DELHI: Iranian fishing vessel (FV) Ameen, with six Iranian crew on board, operating East of Duqm, sustained damage allegedly due to a collision with a merchant vessel.

The fishing vessel sustained extensive damage, including a hull breach, leading to water ingress. Responding to the distress call from the fishing vessel, an Indian Naval ship, mission deployed in the North Arabian Sea for maritime security operations, provided damage control assistance and undertook strengthening of the hull, rendering the boat safe for further transit.

Medical aid was also extended to three injured crew members. The relentless and persistent efforts of the Indian Navy reaffirm its resolve towards the safety of all vessels and seafarers transiting in the region.

“Indian Navy provides critical repair assistance & medical aid to Iranian fishing vessel (FV). FV Ameen (six Iranian crew), operating East of Duqm, had sustained damages, allegedly due to a collision with a Merchant vessel. This had resulted in a hull breach leading to water ingress”, the Indian Navy wrote on X.

Earlier in January, the firefighting team of the Indian Navy warship INS Visakhapatnam successfully brought the fire on board the merchant vessel Marlin Luanda under control.

The crew of the guided missile destroyer was accompanied by the crew of the merchant vessel to bring the blaze under control. The visuals shared by the Indian Navy showed firefighters making efforts to control the fire on board the merchant vessel.

INS Vishakhapatnam responded to a distress call and proceeded to provide timely assistance to the merchant vessel. The firefighting team of INS Visakhapatnam, comprising 10 Indian Naval personnel with specialist firefighting equipment, rushed to the rescue of the merchant vessel in the early hours of Saturday.

According to the Indian Navy, a US and French warship also responded to the distress call from MV Marlin Luanda. The Indian Navy confirmed its response to the situation, stating that it remains steadfast in its commitment towards the safety of merchant shippers and seafarers.

“Fire onboard MV #MarlinLuanda brought under control Based on request from Master of the MV, the fire fighting team from #INSVisakhapatnam comprising 10 Indian Naval personnel with specialist fire fighting equipment embarked the vessel in early hours of #27Jan 24. After six hours of battling the fire along with the crew of the MV, the fire fighting team has successfully brought the fire under control,” the Indian Navy spokesperson posted on X. (ANI)

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