In damning audio clip, dead BJP leader Anantharaju’s wife heard issuing threats

Public TV English
Public TV English
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BENGALURU: In a shocking revelation in the case related to the death of BJP leader Anantharaju, an audio clip has surfaced where his wife Suma is heard threatening both him and his woman friend Rekha.

Rekha, who was on the run ever since his death, has now been arrested.

In the audio clip, Anantharaju’s wife Suma can be heard prophecising his death 20 days earlier. “I’ll make sure your Ananth dies. Do you want to watch it on Faceboo?” she can be heard saying in a threatening tone.

Anantharaju and Rekha were in a relationship for the last six years. His wife Suma got furious when she came to know about this.”I will torture him so much that he will die of heart attack”, she says in the audio clip. While Rekha can be heard pleading with Suma not to do anything, the latter goes on to say that Rekha herself will have to do the final rites when Anantharaju dies.

With the latest revelation, the honey-trap angle seems to hold no water. Further investigations will establish whether Suma had a hand in Anantharaju’s death or not.

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