Imran Khan’s party echoes Amnesty’s calls for immediate restoration of blocked social media platform X

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ISLAMABAD (Pakistan): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has thrown its weight behind Amnesty International’s urgent plea for the prompt reinstatement of social media platform X.

The party asserts that Pakistan’s global image has been tarnished by the unwarranted censorship of social media and the continuous suppression of its own citizens, Dawn reported.

A spokesperson for PTI highlighted the absurdity of the government’s actions, saying, “Pakistan has become an object of ridicule in the international arena due to the senseless blockade of social media platforms, which is aimed at concealing the truth regarding electoral malpractice.”

The party’s media wing echoed these sentiments, decrying the erosion of constitutional norms over the past 23 months. “Basic constitutional rights have been trampled upon with impunity,” he lamented.

Expressing dismay over the month-long ban on X, the PTI spokesperson affirmed the party’s support for the demand made by 28 civil society organisations to lift the prohibition on the social media platform. “In a democratic society, the free flow of information must be upheld,” he stressed.

The spokesperson condemned the systematic suppression of freedom of expression and the press, labeling it the primary agenda of the “usurper and anti-constitutional” faction. “Journalists and social media workers face coercion and brutality, including enforced disappearances and intimidation of their families,” the PTI spokesperson decried.

There is a concerted effort, the spokesperson alleged, to stifle dissenting voices and seize control of the media landscape. “The government, rejected by the people, continues its assault on fundamental and constitutional rights without fear of repercussion,” he added.

Emphasising the violation of both domestic and international laws, the PTI spokesperson asserted, “The arbitrary closure of social networking sites contravenes Article 19 of the Constitution and international statutes.” PTI aligned itself with Amnesty International’s stance and demanded the immediate reinstatement of social media platform ‘X’, Dawn reported. (ANI)

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