‘If I had been a little late in getting treatment, I wouldn’t be alive today’: HD Kumaraswamy

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BENGALURU: Former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy, who had been hospitalised for fever and exhaustion, was  discharged from Apollo Hospital in Jayanagar on Sunday after five days.

Addressing a press meet later, he said, “If I was a little late in getting treatment that day, I would not be here to talk to you like this today. No one should ignore health problems. If we don’t get treatment in the golden hour, we will have to depend on someone else for the rest of our lives. I have had rebirth five times. The doctors suggested that I should make some changes in my lifestyle”.

Sharing his experience, Kumaraswamy said, “I woke up around 2 am that day feeling uneasy and a change in my voice. I first called Dr Manjunath and Dr Yatish and informed them. I reached the hospital in 20 minutes from my house. As soon as I reached the hospital, all the doctors came and started the treatment immediately. I feel lucky that I have good doctors because they treated me so well. I would have had to be bedridden for three to four months, but they ensured that I recovered in an hour. I have faced a very difficult situation”.

“You people worked as much as I have struggled. I am here with the blessings of my parents. This is rebirth for me. I am healthy by the grace of God. I have had rebirth five times due to the effort of doctors”, he added.

Kumaraswamy further said, “This was the second time I had a mild stroke. When I was Chief Minister for the second time, I had a stroke for the first time when I was watching the news. At that time, I was under mentally stress”.

Kumaraswamy requested that people should not lose any time when facing health issues and should go to a hospital immediately. “If I had neglected that morning, I would have been bedridden for a lifetime”, he said.

“There are expert doctors in our state. Money is not more important than life, go to a hospital without delay for any reason. I am back with the blessings and prayers of thousands of families in the state. Doctors have warned me that my routine will have to change in the coming days and have some concerns about my health. At first, it may be difficult for you to get to know and try to understand my health condition”, he said.

The former CM was admitted to a hospital for treatment five days ago due to illness. He has recovered now and was discharged from the hospital today. His son Nikhil Kumaraswamy and other family members were at the hospital when he was discharged. Kumaraswamy also received kumkum akshate from a fan after his discharge.

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