If CM has courage, let him stop India from becoming a Hindu nation: BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde

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KARWAR: Uttara Kannada MP Ananth Kumar Hegde, who had been away from the limelight for several months, on Sunday dared Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to stop India from becoming a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ if he could. “If Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has the courage, let him try to stop India from becoming a Hindu nation”, he thundered.

Launching a scathing attack on the Congress government, which has raked up the hijab issue, Hegde said it will not survive for long. He termed Siddaramaiah’s government as ‘Mohammed bin Tughlaq Sarkar’.

Speaking to the media in Sirsi, he said that the Congress cannot survive without the votes of the minorities. Congress has never favoured the majority politics. It has always indulged in whimsical politics, he said.

Tipu Sultan had troubled this state culturally and socially and has been rejected by the people, he said,and added that if the Congress does politics in his name, then they should think about how people will respond to them in the future.

On the hijab row, Hegde said Siddaramaiah’s statement that anyone can wear whatever dress they want will lead to some dangerous  developments in the future. “If they are allowed to wear hijab, then our people will wear saffron shawls. A government should function within a certain framework, but I don’t think CM is following that at all. If at all Siddaramaiah has the guts, let him try to stop this country from becoming a Hindu nation”, he remarked.


“Siddaramaiah’s disastrous government will not last long. There can be no anti-Hindu government in Karnataka. If Congress wants to survive and get votes only by hanging on to the hijab of Muslims, such a government will not survive for long”, he said and expressed hope that the BJP will come to Karnataka in the coming days.

Condemning the Congress government’s guarantee schemes, Hegde said they are problems created by some who have no idea of financial security. “People didn’t want it either. Now, there is no money for development. This government has given loans and freebies; it is a Tughlaq government”, he said.

The inauguration of Ram Mandir is a victory for Hindu society. This marks the first step in the unity of Hindu society, he added.

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