IDF almost finished restoring Gaza fence technology

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TEL AVIV: The IDF’s Gaza Division, together with the Borders Directorate and the Technology and Logistics Division in the Ministry of Defense have been working non-stop since the beginning of the fighting, and under fire, to repair and return to service the parts of the Gaza border fence that were damaged on October 7.

As part of the joint effort named “Returning Eyes to Gaza,” the sites were scanned and cleared of charges alongside the installation of new systems and measures in the area. The work on the observation and IT capabilities there is almost fully completed.

Commander of the IDF’s Rehabilitation and Maintenance Center, Lt. Col. Tomer Schreiber: “We have all mobilized for the benefit of the mission and we will operate at all hours of the day and in any area that is required. We will continue to work together in cooperation in strengthening control of the area.”

The commander of the 414th battalion, Lt. Col. Ofir Abram: “During the last few weeks we have been restoring the observation array, under threat and during combat in a mission-oriented and determined manner. Our forces work at all times with the aim of restoring the means, locating the enemy and destroying him.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s Ministry of Defense announced that the number of evacuees from communities near Gaza and the Lebanese border staying in state-run hotels stands at 125,000.

The evacuees are expected to remain in the hotels at least through the end of the year. (ANI/TPS)

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