‘I welcome whatever punishment is given to him under law’: Father of Neha murder accused

Public TV English
Public TV English
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HUBBALLI: A teary-eyed Baba Saheb Subhani, the father of Mohammed Fayaz, the accused in the Neha Hiremath murder case, opened up about the gruesome murder saying, “I welcome whatever punishment is given to him under law. Neha’s family, the people of the state and the people of Munavalli should forgive me”.

Speaking to Public TV, Subhani said, “My son should be given the most severe punishment and no one should commit such a cruel crime in the future”.

“We worship female children. Ours is a country where girls are worshiped as goddesses and people hold protests when they see injustice. I hope they get success in their fight. I apologise to the people of Karnataka. This incident is a black mark on Munavalli town and I urge the youth of Munavalli to maintain peace”, he said.

“No one should target any girl. She was like my daughter. What happened to his (HDMC corporator Hiremath) daughter can happen to our daughters. A big salam to those who are protesting forĀ  justice”, he added.

Speaking about social media reels of Neha and Fayaz, which went viral a day after her murder, Subhani said, “They had an affair, but I told my son once that we are teachers and people will will target you, label your love as love jihad”.

He further added, “I wanted to see my son as a soldier. But today, he made an unforgivable mistake. I will accept whatever punishment is given to him. No one should attack any girl in the future. The punishment given to him should create such fear among the public that they will not think of doing any such thing again”.

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