I asked her to tell the truth, but she said she doesn’t know anything: Vajradehi math seer Inbox

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MANGALURU: In fresh development related to Chitra Kundapurduping case, another seer’s name has cropped up in the alleged deal for a BJP ticket. The name of Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Mangaluru Vajradehi mutt, recognised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), was mentioned in a letter written by the accused.

The Vajradehi math seer told Public TV, “I have nothing to do with her case. In the month of July, Satyajit Suratkal of a Hindu organisation contacted me. He had asked me about a ticket for Govinda Babu Pujari ticket. But I didn’t know anything, so I asked him why he raised that question. Later, Govinda Babu Pujari himself called and said that Chaitra and Abhinav Halashree are on the list”.

“As I was in contact with Chaitra, I called her and asked her for clarification. When I asked her how Rs 1.5 crore became Rs 3 crore, she said that it may go up to Rs 4-5 crore, so I asked her to tell the truth. She said she didn’t know anything, so I contacted Chakravarti Sulibele too. Abhinava Halashree Swamiji said that since he identified with Sulibele, I also informed him about the matter”, the seer said.

“As I have identified with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, I also informed Sharan Pumpwell. Sharan said why I was worrying when I had no connection with the issue. Now my name has been mentioned in a letter written to the IT department. If that is the case, it’s sad that my name came up”, he said.

There was no other contact, conversation or transaction, he added.

Meanwhile, one of the accused in the cheating case, Gagan Kaduru, has filed a case against complainant Govind Pujari at Kadur police station in Chikkamagalur, alleging threat.

“As I was a resident of Kadur, I have been an active worker in the BJP for many years and have been politically and socially involved. For the past few years, I have known Govinda Babu Pujari. He had given Rs 50,000 for wedding expenses when I went to his office in Bengaluru to invite him to the function, 4-5 months ago”, Gagan noted..

“I could not return the money in time. So I asked him for some time to return it. But he threatened that he would kidnap me. He had called on the phone when I was with my wife and another woman friend. I have provided the call records of my conversation with the woman friend as evidence”, he added.

In his complaint, Gagan has sought protection and to take suitable action against Govinda Babu Pujari.

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