I am a worshiper of ‘Hinduism’: PM Modi indirectly attacks Rahul Gandhi for calling to eliminate ‘Shakti’

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SHIVAMOGGA: “I am a worshiper of the power of Hinduism, but some people are trying to end Hindu power”,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by quoting lines from a poem by poet-laureate Kuvempu.

Modi began his speech at BJP convention held at Allama Prabhu Park in Shivamogga by commemorating Goddess Devi Sigandur Chowdeshwari, and first praised BJP stalwart and former chief minister B S Yediyurappa for his dedication to the party, his sacrifices and incredible effort in building the party in the state.

      Yet again, PM Modi expressed confidence of winning 400 seats and said the NDA coalition will cross 400 seats on June 4. He urged voters to vote for Narendra Modi for a prosperous India.

Modi said, “Give us 400 seats to eradicate corruption. I will dedicate myself for public service. I am a worshiper of the power of Hinduism. But some people are making plans to finish the power”.

“Women are the strength of the country: Some are against Hindu society. BJP-NDA should be supported in Karnataka. They want to end Hindu power. The INDI Alliance, in their manifesto itself, have talked of ending ‘Shakti’. For me, every mother, daughter and sister is a form of ‘Shakti’. I worship them in the form of ‘Shakti”, the PM said.

“There is power in Hindu society that cannot be exhausted. Goddess Shakti is worshiped in Hindu society. Nari Shakti is a great power and that itself is my protection. Nari Shakti has more representation in our government. No other government had given this much importance. Women are the strength of the country. India developed because of women. Karnataka means Mantra Kana, Shakti Kana, Taayi Kana, Devi Kana. I have Nari Shakti, mother’s blessings. Today, women are becoming self-reliant as a result of our commitment”, Modi said.

He was launched a scathing attack on Congress for ‘telling one lie to cover up another lie’. “The Congress is busy telling lies. Congress’s job is to tell lies in every election. Their agenda is to lie every time. It keeps lying to cover up its failures. They have no development agenda”, the PM tore into the Congress.

Lashing out at Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, the PM said, “There are three CMs in Karnataka. One of is a future CM, another is a shadow CM and another is a super CM”, he said referring to D K Shivakumar, Siddaramaiah and Randeep Singh Surjewala.

“Congress has made Karnataka its ‘personal ATM’ and all the looted money is going to Delhi.  Congress has no money for development. They are misleading people that the central government is not giving money. The only thing the Congress can do is make allegations against me”, Modi said.

Taking a dig at MP D K Suresh, Modi said an MP made a statement about dividing the country. “People should defeat such MPs and teach them a lesson. Congress knows how to get the country, but they don’t know how to unite the country. Congress is following divide-and-rule policy. Voters should teach a lesson to those who talk about partition of the country. Abolish Congress, vote for BJP for this”, the PM said while expressing confidence that he has faith that people will do this work.

Sulking senior BJP leader K S Eshwarappa, who has threatened to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election as an independent from Shivamogga after his son K E Kantesh was denied a ticket from Haveri, was conspicuous by his absence at the event .

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