Home Guards from Karnataka stranded in MP after polling to return by special train today

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About 380 Home Guards from Ballari, who were stuck in Madhya Pradesh, will leave by a special train today.

BALLARI: About 380 Home Guards who were sent to Madhya Pradesh on election duty and had been stranded there ever since the polling concluded on November 17, will return to the state by a special train from Itarsi Junction, which will leave today afternoon.

The Home Guards were deployed in different districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Last week, about 4,000 Home Guards from Karnataka including, 380 from Ballari, had been sent to Madhya Pradesh for election duty in different districts. But after the concluding of polling, the administration of that state did not make arrangements for their return, leaving them stranded.

Now, the state administration has organised a special train to send back all those stranded without food and shelter. The Home Guards arrived at Itarsi Junction from different parts and are scheduled to leave for Karnataka today afternoon. The train is expected to arrive here on Saturday night.

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