High Court lawyer Chaitra Gowda committed suicide, say police

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: Fourteen days after the suspicious death of High Court lawyer Chaitra Gowda, the police have ruled it as suicide and not murder. A death note had also been recovered as evidence in the case.

On May 11, lawyer Chaitra Gowda committed suicide at her residence at Annayyappa Layout Sanjaynagar. But Chaitra’s family members raised suspicion and lodged a complaint with the Sanjaynagar alleging murder. Based on the complaint, Chaitra’s husband Shivakumar, who is a KAS officer, was questioned by the police.

During the investigation, the police found that there was no domestic dispute or financial problems between Shivakumar and his wife. He also stated that she had been depressed of late.

Meanwhile, according to Chaitra’s family members, she had talked about her death and that she wanted to die three months ago, and then their family filled her with courage and confidence. It was after this that Chaitra had written a death note prior to ending her life.

The Sanjaynagar police confirmed that the death note found in the house was written by Chaitra herself. The post-mortem report also confirmed that she had committed suicide. Following this, the Sanjaynagar police have submitted a report to senior officials for further action.

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