‘He tried to attack me too’: Eyewitness to Budaun Double Murder case narrates horror of attack

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Budaun : In Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun Double Murder case, the surviving brother of the two deceased children and an eyewitness to the incident has claimed that two people came to the house and took his brothers on the terrace.

He also told ANI that the accused had tried to attack him but he pushed him away and fled from there.

“The man from the barber shop had come here. He took my brothers upstairs; I don’t know why he killed them. He tried to attack me too, but I pushed away his knife, pushed him away and ran down. I suffered injuries in my hand and head. Two people (the accused) had come here,” he said.

The father of the deceased children has named Javed (brother of Sajid) as the main accused in his complaint on the basis of which a First Information Report (FIR) was registered. Following the Police action, one of the accused involved (Sajid) was killed in an encounter with the police.

In his complaint, the father of the victim alleged that the accused had come to his house to collect money and cited his wife’s pregnancy.

“When the children’s mother went inside to take money, he said that he was feeling nervous, so he was going for a walk on the terrace. He took one of the children with him. He had a knife in his hand when my wife returned with money. Sajid told Vinod’s wife that today I have completed my work,” the FIR said.

Further, the father of the deceased said that he didn’t know why the two accused had killed his children.

“Apart from my wife and my mother, many other people in the locality have also seen it, I had no enmity with Sajid and Javed. I don’t know why these two killed my children. The dead bodies of my children are at home. Please write my report and take action,” he said.

Earlier, speaking to ANI, SSP Budaun Alok Priyadarshi said that the deceased’s family has named the accused’s brother also who is on the run.

“The accused Sajid entered the house yesterday at around 7:30 pm and went to the terrace where the children were playing. He attacked the two children and murdered them. He then came down where the crowd tried to hold him back but he escaped. Police teams swung into action when they got to know that the accused had escaped. The accused fired at the police and was killed in retaliatory fire. The murder weapon and the revolver have been recovered. In the FIR, the family of the deceased children has also named the brother, Javed of the accused. Teams are working to find him and he will be arrested soon. According to the family, the accused had demanded Rs 5,000 from the father of the deceased children,” he said. (ANI)

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