Have nothing to say, CM has already spoken, says BSY on Virupakshappa

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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BENGALURU, CHIKKAMAGALUR: Former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader B S Yediyurappa on Saturday refused to say much about the Madal Virupakshappa issue, only noting that Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has already made the government’s stand clear. The Chanangiri BJP MLA is known to be close to Yediyurappa.

“The CM has said that a detailed investigation will be carried out and that there is no question of protecting anyone. He has also said that there will be no interference from anyone and that everything will be done under the framework of the law and I will not say anything more”, Yediyurappa said.

BJP state vice-president B Y Vijayendra said the Congress’ attempts will not bear fruit.

In Chikkamagalur, Yediyurappa’s son and BJP state vice-president B Y Vijayendra said, “The CM has already said that there is no question of protecting anyone. The Congress plan to make use of the issue in the run-up to the election will not work because corruption is the child of the Congress. The party is losing its credibility across the country and if some inconsequential people talk about, Modi’s image won’t be affected. Today, the world has accepted Modi’s leadership”.

Targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, he said lost in Amethi and went to Wayanad so that he can enter Lok Sabha by securing Muslim and Christian votes. The party, which had 300 seats, is now reduced to 50-55 seats, but they are still dreaming of coming to power, he said. “The Congress is challenging Yediyurappa and they know better what will be the outcome of it. The results of the election this time will be written in golden words”, he insisted.

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